Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Survey Results - Likes, Dislikes & Wants

In January and February this year, we asked the community in the Sevenoaks area to tell us what 3 things they like, dislike and want to see for secondary school provision for the area.

We have now analysed the responses we have received and summarised them in the presentation below.  If you want to see the full list of likes, dislikes or wants these are shown on individual pages on this site.  If you haven't yet given us your views, it isn't too late and we'd love to hear from you - just click the menu at the top of the page.
Likes, Dislikes & Wants Results

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Survey Results - What You Want

Thanks to those of you who gave us your thoughts on what you'd like to happen for secondary school provision for the Sevenoaks area.  We've listed all the wants mentioned (in descending order of frequency) below:

  • Grammar Annexe    
  • No response    
  • Higher academic achievement/behaviour    
  • Christian Free School Proposal/ Faith school    
  • Grammar Annexe - Mixed    
  • Choice of selective and non-selective    
  • Comprehensive option    
  • Grammar Annexe - Single Sex    
  • Choice of non-selective schools    
  • Better/safer/cheaper transport to out of town schools    
  • Grammar stream / non-selective grammar school    
  • Co-educational options    
  • Maximum journey of 20 minutes to school    
  • Single sex schools    
  • Values based, inclusive education, relevant focus    
  • Admission based on geography    
  • Sufficient secular capacity    
  • Knole to become outstanding/better    
  • Partnership between local schools    
  • Another secondary school    
  • More capacity    
  • More local places    
  • Outstanding school(s)    
  • A school to be proud of    
  • Community engagement    
  • Good teaching/discipline/curriculum    
  • Excellent provision for all    
  • Greater community service    
  • Church attendance not used in selection    
  • Greater engagement from Knole    
  • No faith school    
  • Provision for high achievers (late developers)    
  • Fairer selection system    
  • Changes to benefit the town and children    
  • Smaller non-selective school    
  • Located close to centre    
  • Better extra-curricular activities/breadth of curriculum    
  • More funding    
  • No (more) grammar schools    
  • Single sex and co-ed options    
  • Equality of funding per pupil across schools    
  • Dedicated provision for learning disabilities    
  • Match Tonbridge provision    
  • Larger schools    
  • Out of area applications a concern    
  • Either of the proposed options    
  • Disbanding of catchment grammar schools    
  • Additional non religious school    
  • Focus on sport    
  • More support for appreticeships    
  • Road safety problems for proposed options    
  • Private schools with moderate fees    
  • School within walking distance    
  • International/global focus    
  • Interviews as part of admissions  

Survey Results - What You Like

Thanks to those of you who told us what you like about secondary school provision for the Sevenoaks area.  Below are the responses we received, starting with the most frequently cited at the top.

  • No response (didn't specify a dislike)
  • Knole easy to get to    
  • Grammar Schools    
  • High quality/good in the wider area    
  • There are options    
  • Knole Academy    
  • Private Schools if you can afford it    
  • Investment in sports facilites/buildings/grounds at Knole    
  • Convenient travel services    
  • Sevenoaks School    
  • Future potential of Knole    
  • Non-selective option    
  • Co-educational    
  • Part of local community    
  • IB / International outlook    
  • Application process    
  • Good children    
  • Oxted School    
  • Other    
  • Good technical based schools    
  • Parental concern    
  • Committed teachers    
  • Good choice for girls    
  • Church school option    
  • Single Sex Education    
  • Collabroation between schools    
  • Perception - high standards    
  • Knole for Girls    
  • Local friends  

Survey Results - What You Dislike

Thanks to those of you who told us what you dislike about secondary provision for the Sevenoaks area.  Below are listed the things you disliked, starting with the most frequently mentioned at the top.

  • No response (Did not specify a like)   
  • No local grammar    
  • There is only one option/lack of choice    
  • Nothing to like
  • Good schools are too far away    
  • Knole Academy not good enough    
  • Lack of Christian ethos / faith schools    
  • Poor quality / academic levels    
  • Selection on ability    
  • Super-selective grammars    
  • no guarantee of place in Ton/T.Wells schools    
  • 11+ preparation inequality    
  • Insufficient local capacity    
  • Too many private schools    
  • Lack of single sex education    
  • Transport to schools/congestion/ Cost    
  • No track record at Knole    
  • No Co-ed Grammar    
  • Too many out of area students    
  • Good local schools are fee paying most can't afford    
  • Knole curriculum    
  • Lack of options for boys    
  • Insufficient local take up of Knole    
  • No local provision for high achievers    
  • insufficient grammar capacity    
  • Hearsay Limited Choice    
  • No local single-sex grammar    
  • Wildernesse now Knole    
  • Selection on faith / religious hipocricy    
  • Insufficient focus on languages/sport    
  • Knole not truly comprehensive    
  • Lack of support for learning disabilities    
  • Lack of collaboration with schools in Ton/T.Wells    
  • Single sex education    
  • Lack of resource in Kent schools    
  • Lack of local friends    
  • Disparity between non-selective & selective schools    
  • Closure of Bradbourne    
  • Lack of options for girls  

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Where do Sevenoaks' children go to secondary school?

Just how big is the problem of transport for Sevenoaks children?  

Secondary school offers are made to students on 1st March each year.  Not all of these places are accepted.   2010/11 data shows that of  the 391 students at primary schools in the Sevenoaks area who were offered secondary schools in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, 55 (14%) of these places were not accepted.  This creates spaces at schools which are subsequently filled via the appeal process and waiting lists and frequently this process is administered by the individual secondary schools.

From the offer data it is possible to get a reasonable idea of the scale of the problem.  

The data shows that there are 160+ children each year being sent to out of town grammars.  If we multiply this figure by 7 years we reach 1,120 children, which is very close to the 1,150 that has been cited in recent media coverage.

The data shows that there are a further 160+ children each year being sent to out of town faith and non-selective schools.  Again, this equates to 1,120 children.

The data reflects schools in the southern area of the district as shown on the map.

Secondary School Offers for Sevenoaks Students

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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Economist | Grammar School Article

An article in The Economist on grammar schools and in particular the call for a grammar school for Sevenoaks makes for interesting reading.  In particular this quote:
They would have to use the same entrance criteria, which would be straightforward if students were admitted according to their exam results. But parents would prefer a community grammar school that serves local kids who have passed a floor standard in the entrance tests.
Why if a super-selective grammar school was being requested it would be any more straight-forward?  Unless, of course The Judd, Skinners and/or Tonbridge Grammar have already expressed an interest in being part of this project.  It is reassuring to see that the Sevenoaks Grammar Campaign is absolutely clear that a community grammar school is requested.

If you have an opinion on the type of school provision that would best serve the Sevenoaks area, please let us know via our Likes and Dislikes survey above, and later when we distribute our full survey on secondary education services.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Michael Gove at Education Select Committee on Grammar School Annexes

Giving evidence to the Education Select Committee yesterday, Michael Gove confirmed that grammar schools in selective areas should be allowed to expand to meet increases in population. The new admissions code that would permit this was due to become effective today, 1st February 2012.

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