Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Secondary Schools for Sevenoaks - the Survey

Show that you care about school provision in Sevenoaks

Please complete the survey before Sunday 15th July 2012

Haven't there been discussions already on additional schools, including KCC approving a grammar school annexe in Sevenoaks?

KCC has identified a future shortfall of 180 secondary school places for the area and is planning to create 4 additional forms of entry at a selective grammar annexe based in Sevenoaks and add 2 additional forms of entry to Knole Academy, taking it to 10 per year. The current plan is to have these additional places available by September 2015. 
The creation of schools is no longer solely within KCC’s control. This means that if another organisation were to set up a separate school then KCC may need to reconsider its current plans. This survey provides an opportunity for residents to signal their requirements for education now and in the future.

Why should I complete this survey?
This is a unique chance to express your views on an issue that could affect you and your children’s future. We need to get as big a response as possible to ensure any ideas represent the entire community. Even if your children are already at secondary school, your experiences are really helpful to us. Please help us to shape the provision of secondary education in Sevenoaks.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Lottery Money To Help With Plan For Secondary Education

We are delighted to announce that Sevenoaks ACE has received an award of nearly £6,000 from the Big Lottery fund to ensure that its survey on secondary education provision can reach the whole community and responses can be professionally and quickly analysed.

Letters have been sent to 100 local primary and secondary schools, nurseries and pre-schools asking for their support in distributing information about the survey to families in the Sevenoaks area.  A large number of these have responded to say they will help.  Additionally a leaflet will be included in July's Vine magazine giving people details of how they can complete the survey.

ACE intends to deliver information about the survey to each participating organisation with a prize for those organisations that achieve the highest response rates.

This is a huge project, and a true community consultation without a pre-determined outcome in mind.  Decisions on secondary education for the area are likely to be made quickly and we realise that we can’t rely on volunteers  to do the analysis in a short enough time.  To have secured this funding at a time when grant applications are highly competitive is recognition of the importance of what we set out to achieve.

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