Friday, 21 September 2012

Free School Consultation Launched

The Sevenoaks Christian Free School has been busy this week and has now published:

  1. Its admission policy  
  2. Its prospectus
  3. And has launched its consultation which takes the form of an online questionnaire on its website here: or via a printed leaflet/pdf which can be returned by post 

The consultation runs to 30th November 2012, although the leaflet asks for responses to be provided by 31st October 2012.  Further responses can be sent by email to:

An open consultation meeting will be held at Vine Baptist Church, Park Lane, Sevenoaks on 26th September 2012 at 7.30pm. This will give interested parties the opportunity to hear more about the proposals and ask any questions they may have. Comments received on paper, online or at the meeting will be collated into a consultation report which will be sent for consideration to the Secretary of State.

If you have any views on the proposals, for or against, do ensure that they are captured via this official consultation.  Examples from other parts of the country have demonstrated that unless captured via the official consultation the results are unlikely to be included in the submission to the Department for Education.

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