Monday, 13 February 2012

The Economist | Grammar School Article

An article in The Economist on grammar schools and in particular the call for a grammar school for Sevenoaks makes for interesting reading.  In particular this quote:
They would have to use the same entrance criteria, which would be straightforward if students were admitted according to their exam results. But parents would prefer a community grammar school that serves local kids who have passed a floor standard in the entrance tests.
Why if a super-selective grammar school was being requested it would be any more straight-forward?  Unless, of course The Judd, Skinners and/or Tonbridge Grammar have already expressed an interest in being part of this project.  It is reassuring to see that the Sevenoaks Grammar Campaign is absolutely clear that a community grammar school is requested.

If you have an opinion on the type of school provision that would best serve the Sevenoaks area, please let us know via our Likes and Dislikes survey above, and later when we distribute our full survey on secondary education services.

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